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Spamm in Mendrisio

A place for communication, expression, and creation

The recreational space in the Living, Recreational, and Working Center (CARL) was named MultiMedia Open Space (SPAMM). With this project we opened a Space for Creative Reuse to gather, showcase, and implement creative practices in the reuse of scrap material, and other cultural activities promoted by CARL soon followed.

SPAMM is open to Casvegno residents who are guests of CARL, to the patients of the Cantonal Psychiatric Clinic and people from outside, experimenting in protected workshops.


A meeting place for parents

A place for communication, expression, and creation

A place to read and exchange books

A creative space

SPAMM, CARL - OSC, Via Agostino Maspoli, 6850. Mendrisio 

Managed by:
CARL Centro abitativo, ricreativo e di lavoro - MENDRISIO, Provincia di Varese - Area IV Ambiente e Territorio - Ufficio Sostenibilità Ambientale, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino. Dipartimento del Territorio. Ufficio della gestione dei rifiuti