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PON Bandi: unmissable opportunity for all schools

An incentive for greater environmental sustainability

National Development Plan (NDP) 2014-2020: Many of you already know that the PON alerts have recently emerged related to AXIS 1 (click here), who may attend the schools of all levels. Please note that the warning of global citizenship skills (click here), which includes several thematic areas, is an excellent opportunity for Green School to fund and implement training modules related to: Nutrition education, food and territory (the food cycle from the perspective of environmental and social sustainability; the territory and sustainable consumption in terms of seasonality, traceability, agriculture km 0 and fishing 0 miles, knowledge and promotion of local products; the fight against waste, the recovery of the food, the reduction of packaging, etc.). Environmental Education (The paths will enhance the experiential dimension through initiatives such as, for example, the design and implementation of waste reduction practices, recycling and reusing information in the school context that turned the area eg. as shown Ri ...; development of projects to promote sustainable mobility; the direct knowledge of the waste cycle by following the path from the disposal collection, knowledge of the natural characteristics of the territory); The deadline for submitting applications is 22 May 2017. Always among the axis 1 PON notices we point out that secondary schools of second degree may also attend the announcement Entrepreneurship Education (click here), expiring on 11 May 2017. Since the goal of the call to create skills for development of a project idea in business opportunities through all its phases, so if you want to participate to develop business ideas in the field of green economy and green jobs, we would be pleased to cooperate with you. If you intend to participate in tenders with modules covering the topics Green School, the entire project coordination group (Province of Varese, Agenda 21 Lakes, cast and Insubria University) is available to collaborate in the design or letters of support, please contact us to: sviluppo.sostenibile@provincia.va.it - ​​0332 252882.