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Reuseful - The Box

A multi-discipline kit for primary and middle school

As a part of the Modus Riciclandi Project, a Reuseful - The Box set has been assembled for schools. It is a box containing materials and ideas for stimulating activities apt to bring up in class the issues of waste and sustainability, drawing from different fields of study, with one eye on scientific facts and the other on individual habits and daily choices.

A set of 7 activities for schools: science, art and games to understand how and why we should reduce waste. These instruments can now be found online, to play and learn how to develop more sustainable habits.

The kit tools are now online: 

10 reasons to reduce waste

10 moves to reduce waste

Ecogame. Play on line with 27 cards

Today as yesterday. From 1700 to present days, 15 low impact quotes

Create sustainable events in your school. Online software

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