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Who is it for


UTOPIA 21: the power to change!

Utopia21 is an initiative by Universauser Varese aimed at informing Sustainability 360°, in its broadest sense and full.

The small group that creates Utopia21's aim to translate the impressive wealth of knowledge and reflection on sustainable development, in forms and languages ‚Äč‚Äčaccessible to the educated public, but not specialist, overcoming language barriers (many cultural products are written in English), of technical jargons, disciplinary divisions.

Utopia21 is proposed as a place of study, discussion, linking knowledge and different sources, trying to tap into and to popularize best processing at national and international level.

Utopia21 communicates through the website, the enrolling online newsletter and Facebook page also includes the organization of conferences, public meetings, conferences and lectures, following the example of the 2016 Festival of utopia.

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